The AMS Laboratory at the University of Arizona is still OPEN at this time. Since we have increased building security to ensure a safe working environment, after placing an order through our web portal, please ensure to notify us by email of your package so that we know to be on the look out for it. We also welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your project, planned submissions, and update you on the status of our operations. If you have any questions or concerns regarding services, submissions, and so forth, contact us anytime.

Radiocarbon dating research has been part of the University of Arizona since 1954. The AMS Laboratory was founded in 1981 by Professors Douglas J. Donahue (Physics) and Paul E. Damon (Geosciences) with support from the National Science Foundation. It is dedicated to the advancement of fundamental research, education, methods development and service. "Radiocarbon" the journal of record of the field, has been published by the Arizona Board of Regents since 1989.